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Food plays a vital role in human lives. If we look back at history during roman period, it was already proved that a person's illness had something related to food. So why don't we make a habit to eat organic food for health and energy.

The Organic Cafe and Salad Bar is newly introduced slow food outlet in prime location of Thamel, Kathmandu. We serve organic food and beverage, which is overall more nutritious, rich with vitamins, minerals than conventionally grown food. We assure organic products have no pesticides and chemicals and it is healthy for all lives.
We always try to provide you fresh seasonal, organically grown green salad, which is hygienically treated and prepare in our clean & open kitchen by experienced salad maker.

Why Organic
Taste better
Good for wild life and environment
Care for animals
High standards
No hidden cost
Reliance on drugs removed
Avoid pesticides
No nasty additives
Genetically modified free
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